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RC Scale Flak Damage — Weathering Gone Wild?

With the level of detail always increasing, one wonders what can be the next “eye candy” to be added?  Well, Dave Morales and Jimmy Cowman may have just moved the bar up a little. Dave’s P-40B model from Jerry Bates plans featured “battle damage” detail which included an aileron with the underlying structure (like ribs and stringers) clearly visible. It made a great visual effect and didn’t seem to influence the flying qualities at all! Sidebar DSC_0026

Sidebar DSC_0007

Along the same lines but requiring different techniques is Jimmy’s big B-17 Flying Fortress, which replicated the flak damage seen on many bombers returning from missions over Europe. The aluminum skin was first duplicated, then penetrated and peeled away from the hole to simulate the torn metal. Very convincing illusion and one we may see more of in the search for greater realism on our models. Here’s a tip though…..try a practice piece first!


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