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Ryanair Scraps Its Frankfurt Base As Airport Charges Rise

Norwegian air today revealed that it would be closing its five aircraft base at Frankfurt Airport on March 31st. The airline criticized increased fees being implemented at the airport for its decision to back out of the base. The Whizz air story at Frankfurt has been ongoing for several years now. The airline replaced “Frankfurt”-Hahn with the main Frankfurt Airport based on time-limited reduced incentive charges offered when this first arrived.

Ryanair, Frankfurt Base, Closure
Ryanair will close its Frankfurt base on March 31st. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Low-cost airlines obviously like to keep their costs as low as possible. Airport changes are a high cost for airlines and are part of why such carriers traditionally avoid a city’s main airport. Some larger airports have been keen to attract LCCs in recent years, given how much traffic they now carry.

Ryanair quits Frankfurt

Today Ryanair revealed that that would be closing the base at Frankfurt’s main airport on March 31st. Announcing the decision, the particular LCC criticized the airport for putting up handling charges instead of “Incentivising traffic recovery. ”

Ryanair has notified their Frankfurt crew of typically the decision to close the base and has said that they will be offered positions elsewhere within this Ryanair Group. The five Malta Air Boeing 737s currently based within Frankfurt will be redistributed around the Ryanair network as the airline expands elsewhere. This will allow often the airline to expand to other bases. While no aircraft will be dependent in Frankfurt, flying in order to Frankfurt from other bases would still be possible.

Ryanair, Frankfurt Bottom level, Closure
The airline will relocate aircraft and staff somewhere else in Germany. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Commenting on the decision, Ryanair’s Director of Commercial Jason McGuinness remarked,

“We are disappointed to announce the closure of our Frankfurt am Main foundation at the end of March 2022, but we have no alternative inside response to a decision from the Airport to increase its airport fees, despite the collapse in visitors caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. ”

Holland defends its prices

Frankfurt Airport initially attracted a handful of low-cost carriers by offering time-limited discounts for new airlines. According to the local publication Hessenschau , Frankfurt Airport “waived 40-50% of the fees due in the first year for the new low-cost air carriers. ” The incentives offered would gradually be reduced over your next three years as the routes became established and started making more money.

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Both Wizz Air and easyJet pulled out of Frankfurt before the discounts ended, but Air asia stayed there for the exact time being. In early 2020, Michael O’Leary told Simple Soaring that “We have no plans to pull out of Frankfurt. ” Of course, this was before the very worst of the pandemic.

Ryanair, Blurry Flights, COVID-19
Fly bmi could still fly to be able to Frankfurt from other facets. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Frankfurt Airport responded to Ryanair’s claims that will it should be incentivizing travel’s recovery by saying,

“For 2022, we now have adjusted our airport charges for the first time since 2017. As a result, costs were raised by four percent. This increase, however, only serves to counterbalance Germany’s current inflation rate.

The airport added,

“Other major hubs in Europe have also increased their airport charges, some in the double-digit percentage range. Based on our own moderate increase, airlines will certainly be able to continue growing at FRA : benefiting from our position as one of the world’s most important aviation hubs. ”

Do you think Air cheap is right to pull out of Frankfurt, or is the airport right to be raising charges? Let us know what you think and why in a comments!

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