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The Journey to Becoming a Private Pilot

Josh Robinson, EAA 1397035, is an 18-year-old senior at Springfield Township High School in Oreland, Pennsylvania. Josh first fell in love with aviation on a 2017 family trip to San Diego. Josh remembers sitting in the terminal at the Philadelphia International Airport (KPHL) looking out at a British Airways 747 as the pilots pre-flighted for their journey back to London Heathrow and wondered how that could be him  one day. Upon arrival in California, Josh discovered his hotel room had a clear view of the approaches for 10L and 10R into San Diego International Airport (KSAN). Josh was fascinated the entire time and continued watching countless airplane videos on YouTube from that point on.

Ever since his family vacation to San Diego, Josh looked for a way to obtain his private pilot certificate. After seeing his best friend pursue flight training, it made him even more committed to becoming a pilot. Finally, Josh took his first flight on September 19, 2020, in a Tecnam and knew he had to set a goal of getting his certificate for himself. Receiving the Matthew Platt Scholarship and the Tex Edwards Scholarship provided Josh the opportunity he needed to finally pursue his certificate. Josh’s advice for anyone trying to start flight training is  to start with EAA, Young Eagles flights, Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course, and to apply for as many scholarships as possible.

the journey to becoming a private pilot Airplane GEEK The Journey to Becoming a Private Pilot

Josh has passed his FAA written exam, and has completed more than 95 percent of his flight training. Josh needs to finish up a few solo flight hours, a few flight review lessons, and will take his checkride in early March 2022. Although Josh has faced many challenges throughout his training with weather, maintenance, instructors, and external barriers, he hopes to complete his private pilot journey in less than eight months. If it wasn’t for the scholarships Josh would have been unable to start flight training. The achievement of these scholarships was proof to his parents that Josh had a passion and desire to become a pilot  and it wasn’t just an imaginary dream. In addition, the scholarship did a lot to overcome the financial barriers on Josh’s path to achieve his private certificate.

In the future, Josh hopes to attend college at Penn State University or Purdue University. Josh is excited to see where his aviation journey takes him whether it’s to an  airline or the private side of aviation.

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