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Stop the War! Stop the Occupants!

stop the war stop the occupants Airplane GEEK Stop the War! Stop the Occupants!

There is no doubt that Russia’s terrible, unlawful occupation against Ukraine shook the world to its core. While thousands of Ukrainian citizens, including children, and soldiers have lost their lives or got injured at the particular hands of criminal Russian forces, thousands of others were forced to leave their homes to seek safety. Families were separated. Civilians are under attack. Even hospitals are still being targeted. There is no logic, no remorse, and no reason behind this atrocity. The Russian invasion of Ukraine must be stopped right now. We are usually praying for the safety associated with the Ukrainian people. We hope and pray for justice.

The world has not stayed silent, and we hear about more and more brands leaving typically the Russian market every day. Commercial sanctions matter in this global economy. As a global aviation database and API provider, all of us try to do our part. Our team within Europe has been actively working with organizations on the borders that aim to get families to safety. We have also made small ‘changes’ in our own data that address this Russian invasion of Ukraine. The changes currently affect users that access the data within Russia.

We believe it is crucial to spread often the message as much as possible during this difficult time: “Stop the war! ”, “Stop the occupants! ”

Here are some of the donation channels you can visit to help relieve your loss of Ukraine:

Visit the exact United Nations Website with regard to the full list.

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