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Airgility and FAA on Dawn of Drones This Week

This week, don’t miss the double-header! First, meet Airgility CEO Pramad Raheja.  Airgility will be followed by special guest Abigail Smith from the FAA on Dawn of Drones, Wednesday March 30 at 11:00 AM EST.  Stream below!

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Stay tuned for the full double-header: Airgility and FAA on Dawn of Drones this week!

Airgility: Pramod Raheja

We come to a close for our “ DEI Month” sponsored by Northop Grumman with Carahsoft Partner, Airgility, a company dedicated to making a big social impact by creating unparalleled aerial unmanned systems that can fly anywhere, including areas where there is limited or no GPS access and in confined areas.

Join Dawn and CEO Pramod Raheja as the two discuss his journey as a first generation Indian-American in aviation, his entrepreneurship and the capabilities that allow Airgility drones to conduct the most important missions – on both the military and civilian side – including search & rescue/personnel recovery, border/perimeter protection, supply delivery and many more! The Carahsoft Partner Series endows and highlights Carahsoft’s UAS Government Solutions.

Carahsoft is the premier reseller that delivers cutting-edge government IT solutions at the best value. The companies featured in this series are proud members of the Carahsoft ecosystem that provide comprehensive end-to-end UAS ecosystem solutions for federal, state, local, tribal and territorial governments.

FAA: Abigail “Abby” Smith

As we continue the month-long focus on Industry Diversity (sponsored by Iris Automation), join Dawn and the leader of the FAA’s diversity efforts, Abigail “Abby” Smith, Deputy Executive Director, UAS Integration Office. The discussion will include why diversity matters in aviation and the various initiatives the FAA has launched to increase it. Learn also how we can all make a positive difference to support the growth and the future of the UAS/AAM industry! Be sure to join us for this must-see episode.

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