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“Pilot Smarts” (From #SnF22)!

pilot smarts from snf22 Airplane GEEK “Pilot Smarts” (From #SnF22)!

pilot smarts from snf22 Airplane GEEK “Pilot Smarts” (From #SnF22)!Thanks to all that visited the SAFE booth at #SnF22, it is wonderful to connect again and put faces with the contacts we have developed online. It is also wonderful to present forums at the show and see so many passionate learners trolling the high school eagerly gleaning new ideas and techniques. We know “passionate learners” (FAA WINGS anyone?) are safer pilots – try the basic aerodynamics quiz (and course).

pilot smarts from snf22 1 Airplane GEEK “Pilot Smarts” (From #SnF22)!

pilot smarts from snf22 2 Airplane GEEK “Pilot Smarts” (From #SnF22)! These six questions are from my “Advice From the Right Seat” Forum (thanks to all of you who were able to attend). I find that asking questions is one of the best ways to generate cognitive dissonance (mental confusion) that inspires learning. A person comfortable with their own worldview (and pilots are often “super confident in their worldview) is closed to input and learning. Of course, after the presentation, I had to defend my views also with a few PhDs and aerodynamic engineers, so I learned some things too! pilot smarts from snf22 3 Airplane GEEK “Pilot Smarts” (From #SnF22)!Try this quiz and I will give you my answers next weekend in the blog. These are derived from similar questions “spin doctor” Rich Stowell has asked in presentations for years. If you are a CFI, inspire some deep thought in your educating. Understanding the basic physics of flight (see AOPA course Essential Aerodynamics) is critical to safe flight. Enjoy the spring weather and fly safely out there (and often)!

pilot smarts from snf22 4 Airplane GEEK “Pilot Smarts” (From #SnF22)!

pilot smarts from snf22 5 Airplane GEEK “Pilot Smarts” (From #SnF22)!Join SAFE and enjoy great benefits (like 1/3 off ForeFlight)! Your membership supports our mission of increasing aviation safety by promoting excellence in education. Our SnF22 sweepstakes will run until Easter so join/renew/or donate to enter for a chance to win a Lightspeed Zulu Headset, a Sporty’s handheld radio or an Aerox PrO2 oxygen system.

Our FREE SAFE Toolkit App puts all required pilot endorsements and experience requirements right on your smartphone and facilitates CFI+DPE teamwork. Our SAFE CFI insurance was developed by SAFE specifically for CFIs (and is the best value in the business). #flySAFE

pilot smarts from snf22 6 Airplane GEEK “Pilot Smarts” (From #SnF22)!


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