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Mooney Re-Opens for Business, Kind Of

mooney re opens for business kind of Airplane GEEK Mooney Re-Opens for Business, Kind Of

Mooney International Corporation’s story is long, colorful and filled with financial challenges, including multiple changes of ownership and all the drama that accompanies such changes. New owner Jonny Pollack faces an uphill battle, but with more 11,000 M20 Mooneys out there, there are a lot of flyers and owners paying attention as the brand fights to live another day.

Some good news. Mooney is not going to start building new planes again any time soon (or so it sounds), but Pollack announced this week that Mooney’s Factory Service Center (FSC) has reopened for business. Located at the storied Mooney factory in Kerrville, Texas, northwest of San Antonio, the FSC is again offering maintenance and repairs while management stabilizes the parts side of the business.

“I’ve been working diligently to keep Mooney alive and kicking,” wrote Pollack. “Although we have kept parts moving, I’m well aware that there is frustration at the delays and in some cases, your inability to get certain parts,” he continued. “Some of this is a result of supply chain issues, and some of it is that we simply don’t have the resources to purchase the vendor inventory we need.”

Pollack thanked customers for calling and writing with support and suggestions, stating, “Some of your ideas are great and if I haven’t been able to implement them, it’s simply because we don’t yet have the resources.” He added a personal touch to close his announcement about the FSC, inviting pilots to, “…come down to Kerrville and the folks that built your plane will take care of it. We’ll also show you around the factory, and if I’m available, I’ll stop by so we can talk Mooney in person.”


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