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Southwest Adds a Premium Non-Alcoholic Beverage Option, Finally!

Southwest drink coupons. These won't work since they are expired. - Photo: JL Johnson
Southwest drink coupons. These won’t work since they are expired. – Photo: JL Johnson

Southwest flyers, rejoice! The airline has finally added a non-alcoholic option to their premium beverage menu. This is something I’ve wanted for over a decade. I even included it in my 2019 A-List wish list.

Community Coffee's new Espresso option. - Photo: JL Johnson
Community Coffee’s new Espresso option – Photo: JL Johnson

During the opening day of MCI’s new airport terminal, the fine folks at the LUV airline were handing their new Community Coffee Espresso + Cream beverage. It’s good. If you are familiar with the store-bought bottles of Starbucks Frappuccino, it’s a lot like that. Only not nearly as sweet which is a good thing in my book.

Laura Swift with the Southwest Airlines media team confirmed, “the new Espresso + Cream can be purchased with a valid, non-expired SWA drink coupon.”

As a non-drinker I’ve made it a habit to routinely give away my drink coupons. But now that there’s a non-alcoholic pick-me-up option I might have to get a little more stingy. So go book a business select fare which includes a free premium drink, or fly 10 revenue segments to earn four coupons of your own ☺


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